4 Different Ways To Join Indian Air Force As An Officer

4 Different Ways To Join Indian Air Force As An Officer

At some or the other point in life we all have wanted to be pilots. The beauty of the planes, their speed never fails to mesmerize us. Being in the Indian Air Force not only saves you the hefty sum of money needed for the pilot training but also gives you a chance to fly in the best fighter aircrafts in the world. It is a life of purpose be it being a part of the strikes like the Balakot airstrike or providing assistance to the army in the Siachen glaciers or disaster reliefs. It is not only the pilots who form the Airforce, a large number of people work at the backend to keep the machines in the air like the Engineers, ATCs, Logistics etc. One gets a chance to be a commissioned officer and dawn the uniform at the age of 21 and be the best in the business. In this article we will tell you the 4 different ways to join the Indian Air Force.

Ways To Join Indian Air Force:-

  1. CDSE Entry
  2. AFCAT Entry
  3. NDA Entry
  4. NCC Special Entry

It is a dream of millions to Join Indian Air Force and get the wings to live a life filled with glory and pride. There are a number of ways in which the aspirants can turn this dream into reality and Join Indian Air Force as an officer.

Ways To Join Indian Air Force For Male And Female – Click Here

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