10 Amazing Facts About Officers Training Academy, Gaya.

Know 10 Amazing Facts About Officers Training Academy Gaya.

  • Officer training academy, Gaya raised in July 2011.
  • OTA Gaya is the third pre. Commission training academy of the Indian army.
  • The academy is located at 870 acres in a hilly terrain of paharpur at Gaya in Bihar.
  • OTA Gaya trains the cadets of 10+2 TES Entry and SCO Entry.
  • The motto of the academy is ‘Shaurya, Gyan, Sankalp’
  • The insignia of the academy has a two color background with upper half as grey and the lower half blood red having two cross swords superimposed with the Dharmchakra.
  • The total duration of the training is 23 weeks.
  • The aim of the OTA, Gaya is to train Gentlemen cadets to become part of a professionally competent commissioned officer of the Indian army.
  • The OTA, Gaya currently has the capability to train 350 GC’s cadets.
  •  Wednesday and Saturday are two days for club activities like dramatic, music, art and craft, golf, photography etc.
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